What is Digtator

Digtator is a marketing control system that saves both time and money.

Digtator has already boosted the operations of over 100 paying customers. Digtator solves the challenges of materials and data management and channelling, whether you are working with an online store or a printed catalogue. Digtator forms the spine of project management and commenting and automatically publishes the desired materials through different channels.

Digtator comprises five modules, which can be separately employed as necessary.

  • Digital asset management
  • Product information management
  • Project managementcommenting and approval
  • Multi‑channel information publishing
  • Email marketing

Digtator is browser-based. The system is available at all times, regardless of time and place. All you need is an Internet connection.

Selected customers of Digtator:


The engine behind Digtator is used by following organizations:

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Digtator is a product of DMP, certifiably the most innovative Finnish marketing operator. Our annual turnover is approximately MEUR 23 and we employ approximately 120 professionals.