Multi channel information publishing

Multi‑channel information publishing

An efficient tool kit for multi‑channel information publishing. Automising notices and the self‑production of browser‑based marketing materials. Direct email marketing and targeted direct marketing activities.

With just a browser, you can take care of ads, invitations, product brochures and forms. You do not need to know about fonts or have layout expertise. In practice, you have access to completed documents after you are done briefing. You can also effectively automise daily ads or produce product catalogues or sites without wasting effort on a time‑consuming layout process.

Digtator Publishing can be used for highly varying needs when you want to discard routine.


Enhancing sales and direct marketing

Digtator Direct

Digtator Direct delivers your message to the target groups effortlessly. Whether you want to gain new customers, activate old ones or otherwise communicate with your stakeholders, you can easily and effortlessly do so using Digtator Direct. Direct offers analytics on the effectiveness of your communications and helps you enhance content and target group selection.

Make it and send it. You can divide your customers into user groups. You just need to make email templates for each customer group. The modification tool will allow you to design exactly the kind of emails you want. Newsletters of abundant content will suit both mobile and more traditional use. Preset your messages to be sent exactly when you want.

Monitor and develop. Monitor how your message reaches the target group. You can find out if your message has been opened, if the link has been clicked or if the subscription has been cancelled. You can then improve your message to maximise the number of new customers and minimise the number of cancelled subscriptions.