Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management

Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management

Information and file management, relations and distribution. On a small scale, the system can be just an image bank. On a larger scale, it can form the pulsing heart of information dissemination, integrated into a customer’s information system!

Materials management

Digtator Media offers a centralised location for all your files. The materials are in one place and effortlessly accessible from around the world. You can grant user rights, create IDs, share files with whom you want to and monitor user activity. Digtator Media enables combining different ordering channels and work phases with materials management. You can customise materials management‑related work phases to meet your needs.

Materials management in a nutshell:


Product Information Management

Digtator Information manages product information and distribution. All product information management is centralised to a single location, rendering information structuring, management and distribution extremely effortless and smooth. Naturally, you can channel information to all channels and uses.

Digtator Information can provide data for websites, online stores and company‑specific systems.

Product information management in a nutshell: